What’s Your Watershed?

Sunday, May 21, 2017
10:00 a.m.
The Isalnd School

Upcoming Service May 21: “What’s Your Watershed?”  with Deb. Rudnick, Guest Speaker, Marsha Gladhart, Worship Associate, and Barbara Golden and Gillian Bull, SSC Coordinators.

The Cedars Justice Network invites you to join Deb. Rudnick in exploring a sense of place about our Island- what watershed do you live in, what lives in your watershed beside you, where does your drinking water come from? Water is very central to how our island is defined both naturally and in terms of resources that are very important to us. What can we expect in terms of climate-change-driven changes in our watersheds and shorelines? What steps we can take in order to protect our watersheds and buffer them against those changes?

Social Action Committee’s specail collection: The Chief Seattle Club.

Dr. Rudnick

About our guest speaker:
Deb Rudnick, Ph.D. is the K-5 Science Coordinator for the Bainbridge Island School District and the Chair of the Bainbridge Island Watershed Council, a program of Sustainable Bainbridge. She has lived on Bainbridge since 2003 and includes in her ecological footprint her husband, 10 year old daughter, 2 hamsters, 6 chickens, and a wetland full of invasive plants that she is not sure she will ever get rid of, but she is trying. She loves to spend as much time as possible learning about and stewarding our Island’s natural resources.