Gratitudes Galore

Emeritus is defined as: retired  from active professional duty, but retaining the title of one’s office or position. The ten Hove’s were Cedars’ co-ministers for 8 years and were granted “Emeritus” status in January of 2017.


Barbara and Jaco ten Hove

Revs. Dr. Barbara W. and
Jaco B. ten Hove

January 23, 2017

Dear Cedars Members and Friends,

It is with extraordinary appreciation that we thank all who helped make our Retirement Weekend (January 21-22) so wonderful and meaningful. We are humbled by the many people who came out on a rainy Saturday night (and after a big Seattle march) to spend time with us, remembering and honoring our ministries.

There are so many people to thank but we especially want to note the Retirement Celebration Planning Team. Led by the warm, caring and capable Penny Brewer, this team featured skillful contributions from Linda Andrews, Steve & Vicki Johnson, Jane Martin, Kassia Sing and Jenny Weaver. They worked so hard to make the evening shine! They were aided by so many but we can at least mention two other couples, Bob & Carolyn Meredith and Dean & Pat Sampson, who went above and beyond the call of duty in their help and support. What a fun and special evening it was!

Then the Sunday morning farewell service was deeply moving. As we walked out through the congregation, carrying special candles, the choir blessed us with song and our hearts were full o

f joy, sadness and love! Many thanks to Keri Schmit who did such a great job leading the service; to our niece Julie Bridstrup whose words brought us to tears; to Dea Brayden who came all the way from Colorado (and the UUA) to share her vision of how our faith will move forward; and to Nancy Philip, whose leadership of Cedars is exemplary.

We are so grateful for the important gifts we were given, including a gorgeous flower arrangement by Shayne Chandler, an absolutely splendid chalice created with love and spirit by Terry Siebert, and a photo book put together by Vicki Johnson with pictures by Richard Wilson (who gets additional well-deserved credit for the pictorial centerfold in the programs, plus the historical clergy photos now on display at Cedars Center).

We also must thank the magnificent staff of Cedars. Chris Smellow’s music blessed us on our journey at both events. Jennifer Conway brought tears to our eyes as she gathered the children to honor and thank us on Sunday morning. And Tammie Tippie worked so hard behind the scenes to create the beautiful program and Order of Service that graced the events.

There are so many others we want to acknowledge – – really all of you who wrote us cards and favored us with your words and gifts, large and small. We would like to name each and every one of you, but for now we can only say, to this beloved congregation that will always be a part of us – – thank you, thank you, thank you!


Your Emeritus Ministers,Jaco-Chalice-Drawing