Message From the Board of Trustees President

February 27, 2017

Dear Cedars Members and Friends:

Cedars is embarking on a grand adventure. With the help of many steadfast leaders in our community, we are preparing for new ministers, both in the interim and beyond. We’ve entered a “new era” now with a period of lay-led leadership before welcoming an Interim Minister in August. What does this mean for our church? It means we can participate in creating our future and continue to examine ways to be the best that we can be.

I used to dread times of transition because uncertainty about the future is uncomfortable. Over time though I came to appreciate that transition equals opportunity. Opportunity to recreate. Opportunity to assess. Opportunity to say goodbye to things that no longer serve us. Most importantly, we have the opportunity to collectively write our future and participate in making it strong and sustainable.

As we prepare for new leadership at Cedars, I invite you to join me in renewing your financial commitment to the growth and vitality of our church. My hope is that in the tough times ahead Cedars will be a beacon of strength for those who seek comfort and community in a liberal religious family.

Please mark your calendar for the March 5, 2017 Commitment Sunday when we will celebrate Cedars and pledge our financial support for the future.

In Faith,
Nancy Philip
President of Cedars Board of Trustees