Update on Cedars Interim Ministry Selection

April, 25, 2017

Dear Members and Friends,

Here is where we stand with the Interim Minister Selection Process:

The Transition Team vetted and finalized the Interim Application for submission on April 18. The Board reviewed the application one last time and submitted it Monday, April 18.

We are waiting to be given our candidates which will occur by May 1st or earlier.
The Interim Minister chosen will start August 1st.

Once the candidates are presented to us, three members of the Transition Team will interview the candidates and check their references as instructed by the UUA Transitions Team.

On May 11 the Transition Team will present the chosen candidate to the Board. On May 12, John Wiens who heads up the Transition Team will make an offer to the chosen candidate.

Below are helpful details:

I have previously shared a very helpful ​15​ minute video ​titled “The Interim Opportunity” ​explaining the purpose of Interim Ministry and its value from UU church members who have had positive experiences with Interim Ministry. Here is ​the link again. I highly recommend you take the time to watch the video:


The Interim Ministry Application is available on the Cedars Church Directory under LIBRARY tab then on the left hand side click on COMMITTEE ON MINISTRY. If you have registered and signed up to have access to the directory, you may read the application.

I am excited about the future of Cedars and the hope of inspiring shared ministry moving forward.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or any member of the Transition Team:
John Wiens, Betsy Minkoff, Barbara Golden, Joyce Jensen, Scot Hedrick, and Keri Schmit.

In Faith,
Nancy Philip
Board President, Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church