Cedars Center Summer Reminders

Thermostat: Because the Cedars Center’s thermostat is set on a scheduled timer, the conference room can get warm and stuffy. The thermostat located in the central office can be adjusted to start up the air conditioning by pushing the down arrow to 68. The regularly scheduled setting will resume after about four hours.

Windows: If you open windows, please be sure to check that all windows are locked and secured with the window bar before you lock up. Also, lowering and closing the blinds before you leave helps keep the room cooler for the next function.

Waste Cans: Please be sure to empty the garbage cans after your function. The bag can be taken to the main waste bin located in the fenced in area on the YES! side of the parking lot.

Lock Up: Please be sure to lock up when you leave and make sure the key is put back into the lock box. (If you need instruction on how to use the lock box please contact Tammie at Office@cedarsUUchurch.org.)