Sunday Parking Guidelines

Cedars needs your help! At The Island School (TIS) on Sundays, our friends with mobility issues are having trouble finding parking near the entrance. There are only a few reserved spots near the front door for people with mobility issues. That is fewer than our need.

Pastoral Care and Community Life have developed a plan that will leave the “Van Accessible” space always vacant for dropping people off. The remaining accessible spots will be for drivers with mobility issues. So we are asking able bodied drivers with mobility challenged passengers to use the Van Accessible space to drop off passenger(s) and help them get inside, then park in the school lot. (There should be lots of spaces because all of the able people will have parked in the Sage lots!) After church, the drivers can again use the empty van accessible space to retrieve their passenger(s).

Here’s what the rest of us can do to help. Please park in the Sage lots. It’s OK for anyone with mobility issues to park at TIS, as well as the Setup Leader and Cedars staff since they are usually carting containers of materials for the day. First time visitors are also welcome to park on the school grounds.

Remember that it is never okay to park directly in front of the RE wing. That is a fire lane and parking there is illegal.

Thanks for showing you care,

Joyce Jensen & Bob Golden, Pastoral Care
Barbara GoldenSally Wilson, Community Life