Ministerial Search Update-John Wiens

Thank you to those of you who attended the workshop on April 8th.  We have since learned more information from the UUA.  Thomas is on vacation until the end of April and the Board, to include Thomas, will share more in May.  The Board unanimously voted to extend Rev. Thomas’ interim ministry contract for one more year.

In the meantime, the process of nominating and selecting the Search Committee for Cedars Ministerial Search is the first milestone in our process and was started at the Workshop on Sunday, April 8.  Nominations will be accepted through Sunday, April 29.  Once the team is selected by the Board, information about the final Search Committee members will be posted.  Expect this to happen by June 10.

You can submit your nominees online by going to the Cedars website and clicking on Ministerial Search.  Your selections will be sent to the UU office.  There will also be a Ballot Bucket at the Sunday service. One card with three nominees per member. Select nominees who will represent your view of Cedars’ future.

John Wiens, Board President