A new UU church in North Kitsap

To: The congregation of Cedars
From: Your Board of Trustees
Re: A new UU church in North Kitsap

As many of you are aware, there has been an on-going conversation among UU residents of North Kitsap about the possibility of starting a new congregation to serve that area. On Sunday, January 8, the Board of Trustees of Cedars met with members of the North Kitsap planning team to learn more about their plans.

Their plan is to formally establish a North Kitsap UU Church (the UUA no longer uses the term “fellowship”), probably within the next 3 to 6 months. The location is still to be determined, as are the days and times of worship, the order of service, the possibility of RE, and so on. Despite those unknowns, one thing is clear: the group is moving forward and intends to establish a new UU presence in North Kitsap County—SOON.

To which we say: Congratulations!

As the North Kitsap planning team has pointed out, this new group has the potential to significantly expand the overall UU presence in Kitsap County—even though it may pull some of its initial membership from the ranks of Cedars on Bainbridge and KUUF in Bremerton. Based on our conversation on Sunday, a number of North Kitsap people expect to maintain dual membership for an indefinite period of time. We sincerely hope so.

Like many of you perhaps, we were initially perplexed, sad and fearful about the prospect of this new congregation. Was it something we said? Would we have to say goodbye to some of our most valued congregants? Would splitting our collective resources among three congregations actually weaken our movement rather than strengthen it?

The planning team assured us that we had done nothing wrong, that we were unlikely to see any sort of wholesale exodus from Cedars, and that we could look forward to many years of joint efforts on expanded programming. Shared speakers and forums, expanded youth programs, and a larger market for our Alternative Gift Project were just a few of the possibilities we touched upon. More to come!

The North Kitsap group has not asked for financial, ministerial or administrative support. They have asked only for our blessing.

We are more than happy to oblige. Bless you, North Kitsap. We wish you every possible success.