August News from the Board

Our most exciting news is that the Board voted to approve the Ministerial Search Committee’s recommendation to go into full search for a settled minister.  Thank you to the Search Committee for their research and thoughtful recommendation.  It is clear that they put a lot of work into this.  We encourage everyone to read their recommendation by following this link to Ministerial Search Recommendation.

The Board has scheduled a congregational meeting on Sunday, September 16th after the service.  Members of the Search Committee will be able to answer any questions that you have regarding their recommendation and how they came to it, and we welcome input by members and friends before starting the process.  Members of the Search Committee:  Carol Ann Davidson, Betsy Minkoff, Johanna Munson, Vinnie Perrone, Rev. Thomas Perchlik, Jeff Philip, John Wiens and Richard Wilson.

Marsha Gladhart, Sharon Helm and Betsy Minkoff are working with congregation leaders to transition our membership information to Breeze.  Breeze will allow us to quickly look up people, organize & communicate with groups and track giving & generate reports.

Rev. Thomas is also entering into his own ministerial search for his next congregation.  The Board will be writing a letter for his packet unanimously recommending him.  We appreciate his continued passion and commitment to the work of Cedars. If you have specific comments with examples that you would like to share, please send your comments to Heidi.

Finally, the My Girl committee is busy making plans for this great fundraising event on Saturday, September 29th.  Tickets are being sold after church each Sunday.  Please buy your tickets early as the committee needs to let the caterer know how much food we need to order.  Invite your friends to this fun event!

Yours Truly,

Heidi Parkington-Thal, President
Marsha Gladhart, Vice-President
David Barnes, Secretary
Demi Rasmussen, Treasurer
Tyler Weaver, At-Large Member
Helen Nissani, At-Large Member
John Peck, At-Large Member
Rev. Thomas Perchlik