Bringing the Rain

November 4
10:00 a.m.
The Island School
With Stefani (Scotty) Scott and Pat Killian, Guest Speakers and Penny Brewer, Worship Associate.

In an All Ages Interactive Service everyone will be able to participate by singing, helping to act out a story, mooing like cows, making rain, dancing at your seats and drumming. The Service will be lots of fun with special messages of our blessings for rain and about other places around the world facing long droughts which will cause forced migration of people from their homelands. Our Cedars’ children and youth have been making wild African animal masks and there will be extra if you’d like to share in the fun.

Bring along any drums or percussion instruments on Nov. 4 for the service. Contact Scotty, for more information about the service and how you can play a part.  She will also be available to talk after this coming Sunday Service, Oct. 28.

We need 2 more rainmakers which will require leading a series of rainmaking sounds (very easy).  We also need some walk- on parts: a cloud holder, grasses holder, an eagle, wife and little Ki-Pat.

PARENTS be sure your children bring along their masks if they haven’t given them already to DRE Jennifer.