Ministerial Search News

Cedars’ Search Committee is now processing input from the on-line survey and cottage meetings of the past several weeks. We are very pleased to report that participation in both activities was very high and reflects strong congregational interest in the search process. We received 97 completed surveys and 64 people attended cottage meetings.

The committee is continuing to meet weekly, and is actively scheduling and arranging for search process activities to come while also gathering historical data, governance and financial documents, and samples of such things as newsletters and orders of service for sharing with ministerial candidates.

A very significant workshop for the congregation is being scheduled to follow the service on the 6th of January.

Thank you for your participation!

Cedars Ministerial Search Committee

Carol Ann Davidson, Betsy Minkoff, Johanna Munson, Vinnie Perrone, Jeff Philip, John Wiens, and Richard Wilson