Cedars — Grounded and Growing in Unity and Love: Nourishing Things That Matter, Nurturing People Who Care

BarbaraDo you realize that every time you contribute your time, love or money to Cedars, you make a statement to the world that is powerful? You can stand up straighter knowing how much difference your presence in a progressive religious community makes.

Our church is called “Cedars,” which is a wonderful name for a religious community that is both grounded and growing in our foundational UU principles of Unity and Love.

We are grounded in a long history of religious progressives, who taught, as Transylvanian Unitarian Francis Dávid did in the mid 16th century, “We need not think alike to love alike.” We are grounded in a great American religion with historical adherents such as John Adams, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Maria Mitchell. We are grounded in a congregation with local roots going back over fifty years.

But Cedars is also growing—in commitment to create a fulfilling community of all ages; growing in meaningful and open-hearted worship; growing in a desire to help others within our region and beyond through social justice programs and support.

What grounds us and supports our growth? A willingness to nourish things that matter and nurture people who care. How do we do that? By actively supporting this radical community we call Cedars. Our spring Stewardship theme (title above) reflects this intention.

This year, we especially ask you to make your stewardship commitment a strong one. Cedars is at a wonderful place right now. The recent congregational assessment assures us that people appreciate our staff, our rented facilities, our programs and our outreach. But everyone wants more. More for our children and youth. More music and excellent worship. More programs that help us learn and grow. More outreach that makes a difference.

We can have more, but it will depend on us giving more. It’s as simple as that. And so, your stewardship team is asking that you consider making a strong pledge to Cedars for the upcoming fiscal year (July 2012 – June 2013). To learn how to do so online, watch for the Stewardship website, which will go live beginning March 4. More specifics about this info will come your way soon.

Goshin, 2007Cedars matters. Where else can you be surrounded by people who embody a belief in the Unity of all creation with Love at its heart? Where else can you find an inclusive, all-ages community that inspires us to be, as we say each week, “the best that we can be”? Where else can you go to find spiritual nurturing and nourishment that is at once so elusive yet essential?

When you engage with the life of Cedars you step into a congregation that provides a well-grounded place for you to walk your talk, live your hope, and grow relationships that matter. Thanks for making your commitment to Cedars a generous one.

All the best,