California Fire Disaster Relief

How can we help? 

You’ve heard all the horrendous stories, seen the disturbing images from both the Camp Fire/ Paradise Fire and southern California’s Woolsey Fire. The devastation, loss of life and properties is overwhelming.  It may feel impersonal, but your financial donations are what’s most needed at this time.

Consider what a great Christmas/Holiday present this could be:  Make your donations in honor of someone special on your gift list and share with them how they have helped others.

Below are three California based agencies that the Social Action Committee recommends as effective organizations where your donations will be well used.

Caring Choices is a Chico based support for volunteers and first responders.

California Foundation’s Relief Fund offers financial, physical and mental health support, as well as rebuilding assistance to wildfire victims.

California Fire Foundation firefighters provide gift cards to victims for emergency purchases.

In addition, here is a link to the UUA Disaster Relief Fund:  all contributions will be used to directly help affected UU congregations.

UUA Disaster Relief  Fund  (be sure to note for California Fire Disaster Relief when you donate to assure your contribution will be used to aid UU congregations affected by the California fires.)

The Social Action Committee