Ministerial Search Update

A Successful Workshop
The Search Committee thanks all of you who attended last Sunday’s service and the following workshop. UUA representative Jones Hollister-Victoria (Jo) led us all toward a more open and successful search process as we consider candidates for our next settled minister.
The presentation was timely, since the search process itself has now moved beyond the committee’s preparation and release of a Congregational Record sharing descriptive information about Cedars with potential minister candidates, as well as its assembly of a more extensive Search Packet containing copies or samples of Cedars’ operational and organizational material such as bylaws, board and congregational meeting minutes, budgets, newsletters, and more for sharing with interested candidates.
As those prospective candidates identify themselves, the committee will be reviewing descriptive biographical material, making preliminary assessments of suitability as discussed in the congregation’s survey workshops and cottage meetings, and beginning interactive conversations with selected candidates.
Narrowing its focus, the committee will then arrange weekend meetings with each of three pre-candidate finalists that will include conducted Sunday services.  After selecting one finalist, the committee will introduce its candidate to the congregation in a two-Sunday Candidating Week, concluding in a congregational meeting considering the offer of a Ministerial Call.