What is UU? Class Announcement

We have principles, we have sources, we have the flaming chalice, but is that what makes a person a UU? What does it mean to have a UU Identity? Is it wrong to try and define such an identity or can such defining be a source of power, clarity and spiritual health? This class will look at the sources of shared UU identity. These include our shared principles, our shared sources, our shared practices and our shared cultural background.

Understanding that the minister’s weekend schedule may change radically in February and March, the sessions are tentatively scheduled to happen at 11:30 AM, after Sunday worship, at the Island School on

February 3, February 17, February 24, and March 3.

All are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions. To help with preparations, please register your interest with Reverend Thomas, or with the Cedars UU Office