Special Collection

Sunday January 27

University Beyond Bars

The recipient of the January 27th Special Collection is University Beyond Bars (UBB), founded in 2005 as the first program to offer college instruction at Washington State Reformatory after the legislature prohibited public funding of prison college programs. The first Associate Degree was awarded in 2006. Today UBB offers higher education and enrichment programming to over 340 prisoners at Washington State Reformatory and the Minimum Security Unit, both located at the Monroe Correctional Complex. 

UBB empowers prisoners to fulfill their potential through communities of higher learning that transcend prison walls. It seeks to break the cycle of incarceration, to strengthen families and communities, to confront racism, and to promote personal achievement through transformational education opportunities regardless of identity, socio-economic status, or circumstances.

We can help their mission by donating to this most deserving nonprofit organization. Please make checks out to University Beyond Bars or UBB. If you cannot make the service on the 27th, donations can be sent to the church office.

Thank you for your continued giving to our Special Collections.The Social Action Committee