Minister’s Column

February is a month to embody love. We need love to get us through the cold gray days. Love is like the sun-filled hours and days that break stretches of cold and damp. February is a month to recall the limits we have placed on love and inclusion as a nation. It is a month to recall the history of all those Americans whose black skin was an excuse for hatred and oppression, and especially to celebrate all those African Americans who resisted such evil and lived lives of love and hope and courage.

In the standard UUA search season, February is a month of pre-candidate interviews. But let’s not talk about that any more until the end of March. Please don’t mention to my wife, Amy about our leaving until it is certain, OK? I am your minister now. I will be your minister until the end of July. So, let’s enjoy that. After the first weekend in April, your search committee and I will have something to say about endings and leaving. For now, let us celebrate what we can do together.

As to discovering what we can do together, there are several open positions for involvement and responsibility in Cedars. We do not have a Membership chair or anyone shepherding those on the Path to being Members or Friends of Cedars.   There are a couple of people doing important work with me in this area, but we need a team of people to focus on managing membership.

Under Membership, we also have a position titled “Continuing Connections Coordinator.” This person would work with the Cedars Team Leaders and the Minister to make sure that members and friends of Cedars remain connected as life unfolds and conditions change.

On the other hand, There are a couple of people who help out around the Cedars Center, but we need someone to work with our Office Manager on developing the office budget, ensuring regular cleaning, managing storage, ensuring maintenance of our offices and etcetera.

If you are interested in being part of those who make Cedars a vibrant and helpful community, please let me, or any member of the board, know about your interest. Show your love in February and beyond.