March 03  
10:00 a.m.
The Island School       

With Dr. Kim Leatham, Guest Speaker and Emily Mockett, Worship Associate  

I first learned “mindfulness” in the wilderness where I journaled daily and observed nature. I’ve long been interested in practicing breathing, yoga, self-care, self-love and the power of nature to heal. Mindfulness and spirituality have deep connections and are the potion for modern life’s hectic distractions. I hope to share some of that with you.

Dr. Kim Leatham is a retired family physician, practicing all of her 27 years at Virginia Mason here on Bainbridge Island. Prior to serving this community’s health and well being, she was a wilderness guide and environmental educator for 10 years. She began practicing mindfulness while in nature and as a medical practitioner she used and taught the importance of mindfulness as part of her patient care. As medical director of the clinic she facilitated a Mindfulness retreat for the whole staff as well as monthly mindfulness sessions as part of the staff meetings. Since her retirement from medicine at the end of 2017, she has been exploring fiber arts, spending more time with her dogs out in nature and deepening her practice of mindfulness and yoga.