More Breeze-y News!

Tag a Team or Committee

“Tags” is the word that Breeze uses for identifying each group a person belongs to, i.e. Social Action, Blue Heron Team, Pastoral Care, etc. 

  1. Everyone in a group has a “Tag” for that group. Each person can have multiple tags, one for each group or role within a group they belong to.
  2. Most Tags will be contained inside one or more “Folders”. (See the “folder” symbol beside the name.)
  3. To send an email to the list (the email will go as a blind copy to all on the list unless you click on “Bcc:” and select “To:).
  4. Click on “Email People” in the panel along the right.
  5. Enter subject and message for your email.
  6. Click Send for the message to be sent now.
  7. Note: the arrow next to “Send” lets you select a different time for the message to go. 

Try it!  It’s a Breeze!