Religious Education Program

A Fond Farewell
From Jennifer Conway

Dear Cedars Community, 

As we come to the end of this church year, I’ve been reflecting on my last five years as Director of Religious Education at Cedars and trying to discern the best path forward for myself, my own family, and for the community of families at Cedars. Over the past few weeks, I have held this as an open question, waiting for that moment when I felt that I had clarity about whether to renew my contract as DRE for another year. At last, after several sleepless nights, I came to an understanding that it is time to step away from this position. 

My plan is to be at two more services, on June 16th and June 30th, and I’ll be working with Rev. Thomas and the RE Committee to support the beginning of Summer RE. After June 30th, I will step away from involvement at Cedars for at least a year, as is customary, and so as not to interfere with new directions that the RE programming may take. This also allows some freedom for new staff who may come on board to manage the program.  

If we run into each other out and about, I’ll be delighted to see you and your children, but I will refrain from any conversation about the RE program. 

Otherwise, all that remains to be said is that during my time at Cedars, I have enjoyed getting to know all of you, as well as your children. I have learned a lot, had some fun, experienced many special moments, and I am truly glad to have been traveling on this path with you as my companions. I wish you all more of the same as you take your next steps together on your faith journey! 

Much love,