It’s Not Easy Being Green

Being Green at Church

Being green isn’t always easy, but it’s part of our Cedars commitment to protecting the environment. Jane Martin spent the last several months working with Setup Teams on Sunday mornings to help contribute to this effort, and now is passing her guidance on to the rest of us.
Here is what we are doing to make it easier for everyone to do the green thing:

It is important to put things in the correct bins. Here is where they go:

Recycle (clean items only):
  Glass bottles
  Plastic juice/water bottles
  Metal food or beverage cans
  Milk or cream containers
  Clean paper

  Food waste, tea bags
  Cedars (eco-tainer) coffee cups
  Waxed paper
  Wooden stir sticks
  Paper towels & napkins
  Compostable plates
  Coffee grounds

Landfill (everything else)
  Aluminum foil
  Plastic straws & lids
  Plastic clamshells
  Plastic bags
  Dirty Food containers
  And–When in doubt, throw it out!

Thank you to Jane Martin for helping us get this far, and to the Setup Teams who will be helping us do the right thing each week!