Religious Education News

Hello, RE Participants!

Stefani (Scotty) Scott will be leading Sunday RE classes on August 11 in Part 2 of the activity to celebrate the International Day of Indigenous Peoples (August 9). Scotty is happy to have you participate, even if you missed Part 1!

She will be reading How Kuwai Came to Make the Guahibo, a short story she wrote about the Guahibo people of Colombia, South America. The story is written in the voice of a grandmother who is teaching her grandson about life. 

You will learn about many different animals of the South American Savannah, and you will learn a simple water coloring technique. Using that technique, you will help Scotty illustrate her story, and Pat Killian will teach you a song.

The Guahibo are Indigenous People of the Orinoco River, one of the longest rivers in South America. Some live near Gaviotas, one of the first ecovillages ever developed in Colombia.