Special Collection-Note the Change

Planned Parenthood of Washington
September 29

The Social Action Committee’s Special Collection for September will go to Planned Parenthood of Washington. The Special Collection for Kitsap Immigration Assistance Center (KIAC) will take place in December. 

Each month, the Special Collections are aligned with the sermon topics, so the switch is due only to that. 

As we listen to the youth of the world, focus on the youth and Religious Education at Cedars, and think about discernment and choices, we remember organizations like Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood of Washington is dedicated to delivering highest quality reproductive health care services; providing responsible, age-appropriate sexuality education; and protecting a woman’s fundamental right to choose.Planned Parenthood Washington opted out of receiving Federal funds, as they come with restrictions. Donations are needed more than ever!

Thank you for supporting this organization. 

The Social Action Committee