October Special Collection

Sunday, October 27

Seattle’s Lambert House will be the recipient of our October Special Collection.

Until I found Lambert House, I felt completely alone…There was never a community for me at home or at school. Lambert House changed that. There I have friends and support and a community that doesn’t exist anywhere else. (Kyle, age 16)

Kyle is one of the many LGBTQ youth who have found Lambert House as a safe place where young people, ages 11-22, can make life better for each other. 

LGBTQ youth face many risks, such as depression, social isolation, suicide, alcohol & drug use/abuse, school failure, and HIV or other STD’s. Providing a variety of community-building opportunities is a primary strategy for preventing such risks. Lambert House activities include community dinners, social gatherings, outdoor recreation trips, movie nights, youth-led groups, and much more. In addition to peers, over 70 adult community members are available weekly to serve as informal role models and mentors.

Lambert House began its work in the 1980’s and is named after Gray Lambert, a local LGBTQ youth advocate who helped secure funding for its present home on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Lambert House is an international leader in LGBTQ youth community-building and has a web site offering detailed information about its programs [www.lamberthouse.org].   

We invite you to become a Lambert House supporter. Make checks out to Lambert House. 

The Social Action Committee thanks you.