RE Transitions Team

Message from Rev. Zackrie

RE Transitions Team Update:

Just after the new year, the RE Transitions Team finished their first draft of the job description for our next Director of Religious Education. This description still is being fine-tuned with input from the Board. We hope to have it finalized soon, so the position can be posted and a hiring process can begin.

Throughout the process of drafting this job description, the RE Transitions Team has considered direction given by the congregation in the recent surveys and cottage meetings, as well as the study materials previously shared with the congregation.

With the work of the job description nearing its end, the RE Transitions Team is making a shift and plans to create opportunities to share what we learned from The Death of Sunday School & the Future of Faith Formation video series. As part of this phase of our work, we will want to hear from you as we clarify the future direction of programming here at Cedars.

However, since March already is a full month at Cedars, this next phase of work is not likely to begin until April.

More information will be shared as it becomes known.

Rev. Zackrie