Online Activities

Links to Materials and Zoom Sessions

Links to readings and texts that will be discussed at some of the online Cedars activities can be found in the event Descriptions on the Breeze calendar, AND they are listed below. You can access these links any time.

Zoom links to broadcasts and discussion sessions become active at the time of the event or meetingClick on a zoom link at the meeting start time or later.

Friday, March 20
Story Time/Zoom Event: Exodus
Learning Together/Reading: For Parents
Learning Together/Zoom Event: Ted Talk Discussion

Saturday, March 21
Learning Together/Reading: Ware Lecture 2011
Learning Together/Zoom Event: Ware Lecture Discussion
Rethinking Religious Education/Zoom Event: RE Discussion

Sunday, March 22
Worship Service: Link will be sent by e-mail and posted on website.

Tuesday, March 24
Learning Together/Reading: Ware Lecture 2015
Learning Together/Zoom Event: Ware Lecture Discussion

Wednesday, March 25
Wednesday Morning Reflection/Reading: At Home from Church
Wednesday Morning Reflection/Reading: Trust
Wednesday Morning Reflection/Zoom Event: Reflection
Cedars Town Hall/Zoom Event: Town Hall

Thursday, March 26
Cedars Board Meeting/Zoom Event: Board Meeting