Cedars Center Closed

Temporary Closure of Cedars Center

During this time of response to the coronavirus, our goal is to maintain contact with our Cedars Members and Friends while also being in compliance with government recommendations, and following practices that consider the health and well-being of our Cedars community. Your Cedars Board and staff continue to work with and for you; all are responding to e-mail.

You will be able to find information and fellowship through communications and activities provided online. Check The Beacon, our website, and the Cedars Facebook page for pointers to the information and the events.

For the safety of our entire Cedars community, the Cedars Center at Madrona Way is closed until further notice, and access to the office is limited. (There is a new entry code.) If you find you have an emergency that will require you to enter the Cedars Center, please contact Rev. Zackrie or a Board Member.
Stay safe and well!