Need a Ride?

thumb's upDo you need a ride to church on Sunday? Would you be willing to pick someone up on your way to church? The Pastoral Care Team is working on some ride-sharing ideas and could use your help. We’ll be at the Opportunity Fair on May 20thso please stop by and help us make ride-sharing a household word around Cedars. You can also call your Neighborhood Team Pastoral Care representative and let them know directly if you can help or you need a ride.

We’ll also have Next-of-Kin and Count on Me sheets for you to complete at the Fair in the event you were missed the last time we updated those—or if you’re new.

Cedars Pastoral Care Team Members:Ariana Alexander-Davock, Shayne Chandler, Karolyn Katz , Donna Moore, John Munson, Chere Perrone, and Diana Peters