June 3rd Special Collection: Kitsap Humane Society

dog & catThe Social Action Committee special collection recipient for this coming Sunday, June 3rd, is the Kitsap Humane Society, an independent nonprofit organization that has been caring for animals in need since 1908. The KHS envisions a time when all adoptable pet having loving homes and work endlessly toward this goal through the care and sheltering of homeless, lost, and ill companion animals in need of an advocate. It affects the number of unwanted animals by offering a low-cost spay/neuter program to the community.

Its Animal Rescue and Enforcement Officers are committed to enforcing county and city ordinances for the safely of animals and people and taking appropriate action in cases of animal cruelty and neglect. KHS also is devoted to educating the public on animal welfare issues.

They fulfillment of their vision depends upon the generosity of community volunteers and contributors.

Please consider contributing to this important work. Make checks out to the Kitsap Humane Society.