When Being a UU Really Matters

As many of you know, I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy on Monday, August 13. All went well (considering the surgery went 90 minutes longer than expected!) and I returned home after a night in Northwest Hospital. During the subsequent weeks of this recovery process, I have again been reminded why being a UU really matters and how being active in a church helps so much in the healing process.

First, my UU faith sustained me. I never for a moment thought that this surgery came about because God was mad at me or I hadn’t done something right (or done something wrong). Instead, I felt held in the great Unity of all creation and knew that Love surrounded me throughout. I never once felt alone, especially with all my UU colleagues, near and far, chiming in with affection and support.

Second, my UU congregation (that means you!) sustained me. For two weeks, delicious dinners were delivered and I didn’t even have to get out of my pajamas or answer the door. I got lovely cards, sweet Facebook posts, and the choir even came to visit and sing for me. I know many of you prayed for and held me in your hearts. I could feel it. Thank you so much for doing what a church does so well—care for the sick when they really need it!

Third, my local religious community sustained me. As a part of the larger interfaith community here in our little corner of the world, I was amazed at all the good wishes I received from people who have a different faith than mine. I know for a fact that there were nearby Mormons, Buddhists, Lutherans, Congregationalists and Christian Scientists pulling for me—and who knows, maybe others I don’t even know about! What a blessing to live in a community where religion connects rather than separates us.

Going through this has taught me a lot about the importance of our faith and our church and our community. Many, many thanks to all of you who made this challenging time easier. I still have healing yet to come; I’m told it can take months to fully recover. But at this moment I’m feeling incredibly blessed and lucky that if I had to go through this, I did so here, with you.

Hope to see you at church soon!

All the best,

P.S. It was my goal to send appreciation to all of you who made a meal, gave me a gift or visited me, but if I forgot, please forgive me and know I am exceedingly grateful!