Sept 11: The 9/11 Decade: Legacy and Challenge

Sept. 11 2005Revs. Barbara and Jaco ten Hove, co-ministers

Ten years ago Revs. Barbara & Jaco were intimately connected to the events of 9/11 as they served a church near the Washington, DC beltway and were called upon to lead various services of loss and hope, including memorials for a family of four that died in the Pentagon crash.

The days immediately following 9/11 were in many ways terrible. But there was also an inspiring sense of standing together as a nation, recognizing both our strengths and vulnerabilities, and a desire to rise above the kind of hate that was used against us so violently. The years since then, however, have been uneven, to say the least.

Where are we now? Can the legacy of 9/11 be the ongoing creation of a path—for Americans and the global community—toward greater hope and positive change rather than more despair, division and destruction? What is our faith’s role and opportunities? Who will we become in the next decade?

This service, also welcoming in a new church season, will reflect on the emergence of our post-9/11 world, the importance of interfaith connections, and where we might go from here.