Congratulations Cedars on Your Social Action Achievements

'Helping Hands', by Alec Peever (2011)The Social Action Committee would like to applaud the Cedars congregation. Over the last church year, Cedars’ social action accomplishments were robust and commendable. Every month you gave generously to our Special Collections, which allowed Cedars to help organizations do the work of peace and justice in our greater community, nationally, and internationally. Our Special Collections have raised funds for groups that work with children, animals, gender issues, abused women, cancer patients; the list goes on. And we raised nearly $3,000 in these collections for these groups.

Add to that, our campaign for Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) in which, with the help of matching funds, we raised $6500 for the hospital. We also supported the UU Service Committee with a $809 collection, and $479 for UU Association Sunday. Lastly, we collected $778 for Butler Farms, which has allowed us to buy vegetables throughout the growing season and deliver them to Helpline. So many of you have helped with this project and Helpline thanks you one and all. Don’t forget that your support of the on-line Alternative Gift Project raised another $7086.50 for charities around the world. Here at home, we packed cars full of food for Helpline in our November Food Drive.

And month after month, you helped supply food for Supper Supers. Many of you come and help set-up and serve. Super Suppers averages about 30 guests a month, which means you have helped feed 360 people right here on Bainbridge.

Cedars, you are a caring and generous group. Thank you for all you do.

If you would like to help the Social Action Committee plan these kinds of projects and get involved with what it takes to keep these programs running smoothly, please join us. We’d be glad to have extra hands. The more we have, the more social action projects we can do. Interested? Contact Karolynn Flynn: or Carolyn Meredith:

<a href=”” title=”‘Helping Hands’, by Alec Peever (2011) by Calotype46, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”180″ height=”240″ alt=”‘Helping Hands’, by Alec Peever (2011)”></a>