Pastoral Care Team Update—December Happenings & More!

All Neighborhood Team members can expect a contact soon from your friendly Pastoral Care liaison during our annual Late Fall Outreach. We look forward to this Cedars tradition between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s just our way of saying “We’re thinking of you” as we try to touch base with everyone to see how things are going around this darkest time of year (which brings with it some understandable potential for personal struggle).

We also encourage all small groups that meet in the Cedars universe to take a few moments together to check in personally—all year, really, but perhaps especially now. Hold onto each other!  We are precious relations and sometimes we find it hard to ask for help. A gentle and friendly inquiry can open doors into connections that matter. “How is it with your soul?” is a nice way to encourage meaningful conversations.

Winter is coming, but so is the Solstice, when days begin getting longer! We look forward to that and to our contacts with you.

Some other projects we are working on include developing a Sunday ride sharing plan and making our Sunday morning Coffee Hour even more “user friendly.” If you have suggestions on either of these projects please call one of the folks listed below.  We also expect to be especially alert during the co-ministers’ upcoming sabbatical (Jan. 15–May 15).

Blessings of the season to you and yours!

Ariana Alexander-Davock, PCT Chair, Fletcher Bay
Shayne Chandler, North Kitsap
Karolynn Flynn, Port Madison
Angie Hoffpauir, Consultant
Donna J. Moore , East Winslow
John Munson, West Winslow
Chere Perrone, Koura
Diana Peters, Blakely