Cedars and You — Feb. 10, 2013

Learn more about Cedars in the first of a free two-part class at the Island School from 11:30-12:30.  This is an enjoyable way to deepen your connections among us, and an important step if you are considering joining. The second class will be held on March 24.  Please pre-register by the Wednesday before each class by e-mailing or phoning the church office.  Childcare will be available upon advanced request

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  1. Bill O'Neill

    I am 75 yrs-old, and curious about UU, and the Cedars community in particular. Our friend, Betty Petras and Dr. Cheung are the only members I know, although people have tried to be friendly when I attended your past two meetings. My wife and I were raised as Roman Catholics, but have not practiced any religion for many decades. Kerry has shown no interest in UU. Our three kids and two grandkids are grown adults. I was trained in science, and all aspects of natural history fascinate me. I am of the liberal persuasion. I remain agnostic with respect to prayer, the existence of a Creator or personal God and any after-life. I’ve begun doing a bit of reading about UUs, forming a favorable first impression and would like to be a “fly on the wall” for a while. Sorry to say: I’m not a singer, hand-holder, nor much of a joiner. At this stage, I have trouble learning/remembering proper names. But I’m relatively harmless.

  2. Porter Hall

    Hi Bill,

    We welcome you however you are! Hope to meet you face-to-face.


    Porter Hall
    Cedars Communications Team

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