Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, Haiti (HAS) Donations

Sunday February 10 through March 3, Cedars will be working to support HAS through our generous donations.

This remarkable organization has for 57 years provided health care, health infrastructure, education and employment for the Haitian people.

As we heard from John Walton, Board Chair of HAS, our guest speaker at the February 10th service, HAS not only offers health care through its hospital, it has developed an effective Community Health Program that takes services, medication, and support to Haitians living in remote areas who would otherwise not have access to healthcare.

This year Cedars will be specifically raising funds for this Community Health Program. Let our compassion lead the way in our commitment to HAS. www.hashaiti.org/

Please use the HAS Paypal donation button below to make donations. Paypal will send you a receipt for your donation, which can be used for a receipt for this tax deductible donation.