News of the Move to the New Cedars Home

Exterior view of the BGI building on Madrona Way in the center of Winslow

Exterior view of Cedars’ new office on Madrona Way

The transition to our new Cedars home is an ongoing and extraordinarily inspiring story. It’s a story of our church community of volunteers pulling together and accomplishing great changes with good cheer and in remarkably quick time.

Cedars had budgeted $1,000 for moving expenses, but the efforts of nearly 20 volunteers—too numerous to name—has enabled us to entirely pack up and move everything from the Katz building in just three weeks’ time. And that includes moving our heavy printer and our heavier piano, thanks to the volunteers on the Stan Stumbo Operations Team. That rapid move—to make way for new tenants at the Katz building—has saved Cedars nearly $1,900 in rent.

Same Phone Number

Yes, Cedars is on the move, but our phone number remains the same: 206-780-0373

At that number, you can now choose to leave a voice mail in any of the following four voice mail boxes:

  1. the Cedars church office liaison;
  2. the Director of Religious Education;
  3. the Ministerial Sabbatical and Pastoral Care liaison; and
  4. the Adult Programs liaison.

New Mailing Address

The new Cedars mailing address is now in effect:

Cedars UU Church
284 Madrona Way NE, #128
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-2870

By Sunday, Cedars will have completed it’s move from the Katz Building.

Cedars’ belongings are now temporarily housed, rent free, in spare office space at Yes! Magazine—100 feet from our newly purchased home in the same building. The donated temporary use of that space is thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Cedars member Fran Korten and her husband David, who are co-founders of Yes! Magazine.

Approximately eight weeks of prep work, reconstruction and painting is now underway at the new Cedars home, in the heart of Winslow. Much of that work is being done by volunteers, thereby saving Cedars thousands of dollars. Leaders of that design and hands-on effort have been Richard Wilson and Jane Martin, with active involvement of Candee Cole, Herb Hethcote and Bob Meredith, plus assistance from Barry Peters and Frank Petrie.

Where to Meet

By March 31st, Cedars is expected to start holding meetings and programs at our new church home. In the meantime, it is suggested that Cedars Committee and affinity group meetings occur in the homes of members.