Cedars Stewardship Campaign 2013-14

Over the RainbowSunday, March 3

What inspires you? What lifts to your heart, makes you smile, gives you energy? Your children or grandchildren…the beauty of nature…being in community…?

To our delight, we on the stewardship team have found inspiration in this year’s campaign. Some of you have told us you can feel that energy, and share it. What a gift that is — to give freely and joyfully and see what comes back.

Our color for this week is orange. Let’s light up the room with colorful energy as Heidi Parkington-Thal tells us about how much she values our RE program with her testimonial, All in the Family.

With only 2 weeks to go till our big day, Stewardship Sunday, let’s keep our eyes and hearts open to whatever helps us feel our connectedness and delight in the gifts that come our way. And with that, a gift:

A Rainbow Poem

If we can love the stars
Without knowing the vastness of the sky
Then we can believe in Miracles.
If we can believe in Rainbows
After the Darkest storm
Then we can believe in hope
Somewhere beyond the clouds
Behind the rain
There are a thousand Rainbows
One is finding its way to you
Our hearts are unaware
Of what sweet miracles will come.

(Author unknown)

In the Spirit of the Rainbow,
The Stewardship Team