Spiritual Lessons of the Underdog

Wheat FieldSunday, March 10

Nancy Philip, worship leader; Alex Sanso, worship associate

Unitarian Universalism has been called the “Uncommon Denomination,” which some have indicated puts us in an underdog position compared to other religious traditions. Reverend Kent Doss of The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Laguna Beach has said, “I long for a day when we can transform that slogan. I long for the day when our bumper stickers say, ‘Unitarian Universalism, We’re Common as Dirt. Come Grow With Us!’ I long for the day when Unitarian Universalism embraces it’s rightful place as a leading voice in the world rather than relegating itself to being an uncommon club, ever fighting for the underdog.”

In this sermon we’ll look at what it means to be an underdog, both in our religious tradition and in our practices and examine the unique benefits of fighting for the underdog and being viewed as the “Uncommon Denomination.”