Co-ministers’ 2013 Sabbatical Report

From January 15 to May 15, Revs. Barbara and Jaco ten Hove pursued a board-approved, four-month sabbatical for travel, study and reflection. (Their Letter of Agreement with Cedars, similar to that of most other settled UU ministers, stipulates that they accrue one month of sabbatical leave time for each year of service, and 2012-13 was their fifth year at Cedars.)

Regular, short sabbaticals ensure that ministers maintain energy and love for their work, and provide opportunities for congregations to learn more about themselves and deepen their own capacities. After good preparation in numerous affected arenas, we were confident that Cedars could continue to prosper, meet challenges and nurture those among us while they were away, and that’s what happened, thanks to the contributions of many lay leaders, other staff and Jaco & Barbara themselves.

At a May 23 Sabbatical De-briefing Workshop, led by Pacific NorthWest District Executive Janine Larsen and attended by about 15 Cedars leaders, perspectives and learnings were exchanged productively, and the co-ministers distributed a three-page report about their sabbatical activities, attached here in PDF: Co-minister’s Sabbatical Report