We Need Your Item Donations for Cedars Fall Auction!

800px-Rodeo_drive_street_sign-93Time to look around for those special items that you are no longer using for the “Rodeo Drive” auction tables. We need your gently used donations for our fabulous Hollywood auction night on October 26. These could be items you were gifted or that you no longer need. Perhaps even a fabulous surprise that you have been keeping just for this occasion. This is a wonderful way to provide support for Cedars and to share with others what you no longer need. The donor sets the BUY IT NOW! price for an item at twice the asking price which means an attendee falls in love with it and takes it away instantly to their table. Buyers can either enter increasing bids until section closes or take the BUY IT NOW price.We need items priced as low as $5.00 up to any price you select. Modestly priced items are most likely to sell. Art, jewelry, household items, gently used 737s will all be welcome. Call or email Richard Dorrell (360 930-0058) or ricdor@aol.com if you have any questions.