Concluding a Very Good Year

by Richard Wilson, Board President
The month of June is always busy here at Cedars. It brings the concluding activities of one church year and important preparations for the next. Our calendar fills with final meetings and deadlines, preparation of an annual report summarizing the year’s accomplishments, assembly of an operating budget for the coming year, and transitions in leadership. June is also when we schedule the Annual Meeting for congregational business, honor our leaders, and celebrate our successes. And for some, there is then the General Assembly of the UUA (far away this year in Charlotte, North Carolina, where we have been represented by our co-ministers Barbara and Jaco).

Looking back over the year, the general vitality and developmental growth in our congregation is easy to appreciate. Guided by our Cedars mission statement and the principles of our Unitarian Universalist faith tradition, we’ve been doing many wonderful things and I can’t help noting a few of the new ones:

The conclusion of our year is also a time for gratitude, particularly as it applies to those who have generously contributed leadership and energy to our various endeavors. I can’t hope to name you all, but some who stand out are Frank Mandt for ten years of service in all aspects of our communications, Molly Clawson for similar service in the RE program, departing Michael Read and Julia Brunzell for their many services over many years, Bob Meredith as Volunteer Office Manager, and Herb Hethcote as Volunteer Bookkeeper. Thank you all, named or not, for the many things you do for Cedars!

And now in blatant exploitation of this new-media page, here we are in all our vitality!:

2 Comments On “Concluding a Very Good Year”

  1. Diana Peters

    Very good, easy to navigate and thank you to the team that has produced it.

  2. Julie Hill

    Loved the launch of the new weekly. Great work y’all.
    Sorry to hear the Read-Brunzell family is moving; they have made such a wonderful contribution to Cedars. Michael’s sermon windows into their family discussions at mealtime are a treasure.

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