Eye on the UUniverse: Following Climate (Mood) Changes

Rev. Jaco B. ten Hove, co-minister

For February’s National Preach-in on Climate Change I contributed a curiously titled sermon, “Noah and Klaatu Walk Into a Bar…” the text of which is now posted on our Cedars website and sent (by request) to the site sponsored by Interfaith Power and Light. I tried to take an unusual and hopefully stirring angle to this ironically ubiquitous yet still ignored subject, and I wish to follow up here with one more very helpful note, from the “pages” of our friend and neighbor, YES! Magazine.

Immediately after the service, Fran Korten pointed me to an online YES! article called 8 Reasons for Optimism on Climate Change, which itself is hopefully stirring, so I pass along that link and summarize it here, because it can potentially change one’s mood to know that “huge and positive changes are quietly taking place” to impact this realm that challenges us so severely.

It can be a struggle to feel any worthwhile traction in a good direction, but true to form, YES! offers some, as noted by author Michael Northrop (program director at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, which aims to advance “social change that contributes to a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world”). Here’s his list, minus the fuller descriptions you can get at the YES! site:

  1. We already know how to engineer zero-carbon buildings.
  2. We are finally entering the age of the electric car.
  3. We are using more renewables, and less coal, than ever before.
  4. States are showing that it’s possible to make policies that both cut carbon emissions and create jobs.
  5. Cities are facing the consequences of climate change and taking action.
  6. The president is ready to take action, at home and internationally.
  7. China wants clean air and clean energy.
  8. Renewable energy is on the rise around the world.

Even if your mood swings on this rough ride, keep the faith, my friends, and as we all do our part, there is hope arising.

In the spirit,