It’s Stewardship Season at Cedars and You are Invited to Be a Part!

stewardshiplogoThis is the year. We’ve worked, prayed and played together. We are growing and thriving. Can you imagine what’s next? A staff member for our beautiful new space. Honoring our Music Director’s time and talents. An RE program that continues to inspire our youth. Fair compensation for our professional staff. Participating as full members in wider UU circuits. Adult programs that encourage our meaningful connections. Let’s realize our dreams and take the leap together!

On Sunday, March 16, after an inspiring service led by our co-ministers and choir, we will gather in six Neighborhood Teams from Noon to 2 p.m. (with the Port Madison Team and any “Make-ups” on the next Sunday, March 23). At these get-togethers (see HERE for location and contact info) we can continue to build community and relationships as we make stewardship commitments to fund our dreams in 2014-15. (You can find the same information by logging onto the Church’s online Directory.)