Approaching the Winter Solstice

Dear Cedars members and friends,
As December unfolds on the heels of Thanksgiving, we continue to celebrate the many ways we are blessed. We are blessed to live in this beautiful part of our country. We are blessed to enjoy a warm and lovely home with each other and a sweet kitty companion. We are blessed to have meaningful work and local opportunities to make a difference. And we are so very blessed to serve you, this congregation, full of engaging people doing so much good in the world. If we forget to thank you, let us do so here. Thank you for all you are and for all you do. We are grateful indeed to be your co-ministers.

As we move deeper into December, we wish you a blessed and hope-filled holiday season. And as a small gift to you, we offer these thoughtful words from one of the greatest UU writers of the 20th century, Kenneth L. Patton (who, incidentally, served as the minister of Jaco’s home church for many years). May his words offer you both perspective and encouragement as we move ever closer to the Winter Solstice.

The days of the year have stiffened in ice, and darkness has grown upon the land.

The season of cold and early dusk is upon us.

The sun has retreated down the sky, the living green has forsaken the earth, and the leaves have fallen.

The flowers no longer bloom, and the birds have fled to the south.

We approach the shortened days with gladness, for the ancient fear is no longer in our faces.

The heavy death upon the earth is no lasting peril, and the roots in the soil are only sleeping a long sleep.

We hold the turning of the year as a promise; and the renewing of life is our solid hope.

The time of returning light is known, and we ready our houses for the celebration.

The sun will climb the heavens again, and the darkness will be pushed back each day.

The months of snow will give way to the months of leaves, and petals will fall upon the earth.

The young will be brought from the womb, and the shoot will burst from the seed.

We will walk upon the greening grass and plowshares will divide the warming soil.

In the midst of winter the promise is given of the summer season, and in the midst of darkness there comes the assurance of light.

In the time of cold comes a messenger of warmth, and in the days of death there is heard the good news of life.