SAC – Owen’s Playground Fundraising

Sunday, June 14

Owen’s Playground, an all-inclusive playground at Rotary Park to bring kids of all ages and abilities together to play.

Our members, Leslie Marshall and Herb Hethcote had a beautiful, loving grandson named Owen Marshall. Because of his cerebral palsy, he lived a short life, but one filled with love and laughter. When he died in 2013 the family set up a memorial fund that has now grown to become funding for Owen’s Playground. This 13,000 square foot parcel of the Rotary Park was given by the Parks and Recreation Board to create a playground that will accommodate children and adults of all abilities.

As a congregation, we have the opportunity to provide funding for the Timber Bridge, a $1200.00 purchase, This bridge is a symbol of all that we hold dear—the interconnectedness of all beings, our desire to be welcoming and inclusive, our desire that all people have opportunities for health, joy and connection.

We will kick off our special donation for this project on June 14,, 2015 and will provide opportunities for people to continue to donate through the summer.

The playground is scheduled to open in the fall of 2015.

Please click here to see the NEW flyer for this fundraiser.