Jan. 8: Building Bridges, Finding Common Ground with Islam

Rev. Jaco B. ten Hove, co-minister
with Nancy Frank, Worship Associate and guests

CosmosMuslims from the Seattle area join us to explore the relationship between UU and Islamic religious principles. There will also be Muslim prayers offered. This service grows out of the national UU Service Committee (UUSC) program called Building Bridges, which encourages active solidarity between UUs and Arab and Muslim Americans.

UUSC has a website of helpful materials on the American Muslim community. www.uusc.org/buildingbridges/toolkit See relevant sermons there by UU ministers Hannah Petrie and Paul Beckel.

UUSC believes UUs can be a leading force for religious tolerance, even if we do not always share identical religious beliefs. Muslim speakers for this service are primarily drawn from the Muslim Association of the Puget Sound and the Council on American Islamic Relations.

There is an active UU Building Bridges group in the Seattle area. A joint UU-Muslim Conference on civil liberties was held at East Shore Church last May. Similar services have been held at UU congregations in Bellevue and Tacoma, and are planned for Bellingham and Woodinville.