A Word From Your Treasurer – Midyear Report

As you know, we are not having a midyear Congregational Meeting so that we may focus on our Fun(d) Fair.  Since we normally provided a midyear Treasurer’s Report at this time, I thought I would use the Beacon to communicate where we stand financially.

Below is a snapshot of our financial data.  Since I am focusing on our cash flow, the below numbers do not include depreciation, as it is a noncash expense.  Also, I have netted our fundraising revenue and expenses.

Item Full Year Budget As of Dec 31, 2015


Contributions $218,790 $112,689

Fundraising     19,708           840

Programs         6,000         4,422

Total Revenue $244,498 $117,951


Staffing $175,925 $  86,217

Facilities     26,859     13,075

UUA, PNWD Dues     14,094                 0

Programs     10,275         3,071

Administration       7,585         4,983

Child Care       4,800         1,502

RE, Youth Programs       4,260         1,950

Stewardship           700                 0

Total Expenses $244,498 $110,798

Our church fiscal year is July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016, so the above figures represent where we are as of the midpoint of the year.  Our contribution and program income are about where we would expect them to be at midpoint; however, there is a large gap in our fundraising income.  This is because we have not yet completed our Fun(d) Fair, and is why it is so important that we raise the needed funds during these events.

On the expense side, most of our expenses are tracking as normal; however, we have not yet paid our UUA and PNWD dues.  Until we see the results of the Fun(d) Fair, we will not be able to determine what we will be able to pay.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or would like more details on any of the above information.