Jan. 22: Tending the Spiritual Lives of Children

Is It Really That Funny?!Candee L. Cole, director of Religious Education,
with Nancy Philip, worship associate

Unitarianism and Universalism have both long been grounded in social change with respect for human worth and dignity. Today’s UUs raise money for causes, march in protests, attend vigils and help with disasters locally and afar. But some of the most important and meaningful social action and investment in a peaceful, fair and free world happens within our walls each week. Through story, song, and other helpful material, Candee will explore what it is we’re really doing for social change in the Cedars Religious Education program.

At Cedars we are raising generations—parents and congregation together. What programming we do with our children and teens…matters! How we support families…matters! Who we have mentoring our future leaders, scholars, mothers, fathers, partners, and activists…matters! For this service we will reference the books “Full Circle: 15 Ways to Grow Lifelong UUs” by Kate Erslev, and “Nurturing Children and Youth: A Developmental Guidebook” by Tracey Hurd.

Our Annual Cedars mid-year Congregational Meeting follows the service.