Cedars Center

Cedars office and meeting space is located at 284 Madrona Way, Suite 128 on Bainbridge Island (Madrona is off of Madison across from the theater).

Cedars Center provides a space for meetings, classes, and other functions. Please contact the office for the code to the lockbox on the front door. Parking is limited at the Center for day time functions. Evening functions have more parking available. Please review the Parking Tips PDF by clicking here.

Check the “Calendar” tab on our website to determine if the time  and space is available for your meeting. To schedule a meeting or function, email Calendar@cedarsUUchurch.org with function name, date, times, brief description and a contact name. The office assistant will post the function on the calendar then email a confirmation to you.

For a comprehensive guide on the use of our Cedars Center, please click here.



The conference room has two white boards and a large pull down screen with the ability to hook your computer up, to use for presentations etc.  The hook-up, remote control, and instructions for this is located in the back right corner underneath the cabinet on the wall.

Tables and Chairs:  There are four 6’ tables available. They are located up against the wall under the cabinet. Smaller tables are located in the foyer closet along with additional folding chairs.



There are portable signs available to set out on the sidewalk and at the end of Madrona during your function. The large sandwich style sign can be used at the end of Madrona to make the Cedars Center location more visible from Madison. The sandwich board sign is located in the foyer closet.

There are two small signs available to mark parking availability (in the evening after 5:00 p.m.). These two signs are located to the right of the desk in the inner office.



There is a microwave and toaster oven, crockpot, large and small coffee makers, refrigerator, dishwasher, and dishes to host your function. There is coffee, tea, and condiments available for use. Kitchen supplies are clearly labled on the front of cupboard doors and drawers.

Please run dishwasher after a dinner function and take out the garbage. Trash bins are only emptied regularly on Fridays, so please remove garbage after your function. The corral for disposing of the trash bag is located through the back door, through the underground garage, and then to the back of the parking lot located on the YES side of the building.

For those functions that are held outside of the Cedars Center, you are welcome to borrow supplies needed. Please fill out the form located on a clipboard on the wall above the back kitchen counter with your name, the item(s) borrowed, when you expect to return them and a contact phone number.


The office has a large copier (black and white) and desktop wifi color pinter available for your use. Instructions for use of the copier is located on the inside door of the cabinet above the copier.

Varied sizes and color paper is located in the inner office under the back counter. The shelf where the paper is located is a pull-out shelf where you will find additional paper. General office supplies can be found in the cabinets above the back counter. All the cabinet doors are labeled to make finding items easier. A paper cutter is located on the counter to the right of the large copier.

There is a clipboard located above the desk to write down any supplies needed for the office. If you are having trouble finding supplies, please call Sharon for guidance.

Please be respectful of the office space and return items after use.

The Office Assistant, Sharon is in the office Tuesday-Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Email will be addressed and requests will be handled only during those office hours.

WIFI: The Center has wifi available. The password for this is located on the side of the cabinets located by the doors in the conference room.


Item that are left at the Center or at The Island School Sunday service are put in a box labeled “Lost and Found” located on the black metal table near the kitchen.


During Business Hours:
1. Parking slots are numbered on pavement.  Signs posted in slot indicate ownership.
2. Cedars assigned parking slots are numbers 18 and 19 to the right of our office and number 26 in the covered garage.
3. Visitor parking slots and permit accessible slots may be available on either side of the Madrona Commons building and are clearly marked.
4. No parking in slots 16 and 17 (marked “Reserved for Bergh”) day or night.

Evenings and Weekends:
1. YES! Magazine allows Cedars to use their 7 spaces (each space has a sign) located on their side of the building, on weekends and evenings (after 5:00 p.m.) only.
2. YES! Magazine allows Cedars to use their covered garage slot #22 on weekends and evenings.
3. No parking in slots 16 and 17 (marked “Reserved for Bergh”) day or night.
4. For a function held in the evenings or on weekends, there are small sandwich board signs to put on the sidewalk pointing to available parking.  These signs are stored to the right of the desk in the inner office.

Auxilary Parking: When necessary, there is lots of street parking on Wyatt.  You can walk down the wide driveway of the Office Building at 271 Wyatt, pass carefully through the line of small trees, and walk left around to the front of our building. Please do not park in the spaces for the apartments near Wyatt.

Carpooling is encouraged!

To download a Cedars Parking map click here.