Ministerial Search Announcement

Members of Cedars have made the decision to call Zackrie Vinczen as our next settled minister.  Today, 89 votes were cast to support the Ministerial Search Committee’s recommendation to call Zackrie Vinczen as our next settled minister.  The votes were as follows: 86 Yes, 2 No, 1 abstain.  Therefore, the motion was approved by 96.6% of the congregation.  It should also be pointed out that 89 votes is over 70% of the active members which is a huge turnout!

Thank You.  This is a time of gratitude and new beginnings.  Thank you for participating on Sunday, for caring about your congregation and your community and for caring about its future. We also want to thank Rev. Thomas, for serving as our interim minister and for bringing his incredible wealth of experience during our time of transition.  We want to thank our Search Committee as they put in untold hours of volunteer work, they followed the process with diligence and selected a candidate who fits the needs of our congregation.  Finally, we want to thank Zackrie, for coming at the perfect time, and for bringing a fresh enthusiasm, perspective, and energy to our congregation.

Zackrie will start on August 1st.!  Stay tuned for more information.